10 Reasons why you want a mural in your kid's room:

1.  Visual stimulation is a gateway to foster a child's imagination.  Kids are born with with amazing imaginations, keeping that imagination as they grown is the difficult part.  I generally suggest doing more 'generic' scenes or ideas as opposed to specific characters as kids grow quickly and you want to get the most out of the scene to span over time as their tastes and imagination develops.

2.  Expand a small space.  Murals are an excellent way to make a small room look big by using trompe l'oeil to fool the eye into thinking the space expands beyond the physical wall.

3. Take an otherwise ordinary space and turn it into something amazing.  I always find it fascinating how a plain wall can turn into something so unimaginable.... sort of like 1 second in time can slip away with little to no meaning, or 1 second can be the difference between a winning a gold medal and last place, the first or last breath of a life, or the moment your child spoke their first word... What would life be without that split second?

4.  Build a sanctuary for your child.  There is nothing like home, and a child's room is one space in your home that they can call their own.  No matter their mood, or what is going on, to come back to a room where they find comfort and happiness is invaluable.

5.  Foster a love of visual art for your child.  The visual arts provide so much more value to kid's lives than people realize.  It is known to build creativity, problem solving skills, improve non-verbal communication and confidence among a host of other qualities that are important throughout our entire lives.  Some studies have even shown that they improve children's reading and mathematical test scores (more on that in a future post!).

6.  Create magic for your child, every day.  The best part of a mural is it's permanence.  Reading a beautiful children's book is wonderful, but temporary.  Living in it is outstanding.

7.  Solve a problem with a room layout.  Small spaces and nooks, awkward closets and strangely shaped rooms scream for illusions that detract your eye away from the elephant in the room.

8.  The price is right.  Splatters is able to offer mural and painted ideas for all sizes and budgets.  Big or small, kids spend a lot of time in their rooms.  Even a small hint of something to trigger their creative minds into another world is a gift.

9.  Inspiration.  I love a quote by Pablo Picasso, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working".

10.  (Really the #1 Reason...) Because murals just plain rock.